Service: Setting up contextual advertising in Google Ads
Subject: Programming courses with training on the project (mentoring – practice only)
Region: Ukraine
Duration: 6 months (Dec 2020 – May 2021) (compared to previous period Jun – Nov 2020)
Total advertising budget: UAH 143,000.


  1. A very interesting and rather unique project: Teaching programming according to the author’s methodology – without theory – on a real project.
  2. The Google Ads dashboard, where Search campaigns with different geotargeting are configured, are broken down by course, display campaigns (also broken down by geo and by course) and remarketing.
  3. Lack of the desired number of conversions (conversions mean phone calls and form submissions). For half a year, 206 requests were received with a conversion price of UAH 363 per conversion, but it was important for the business to get more and increase the number of customers

Objective: Increase the number of conversions


      1. Analyze where conversions come from. In the process of analyzing the sources of conversions, we found that the majority of conversions are generated by Dynamic Search Campaign and Branding.
      2. Think about how to further improve those campaigns that are already working well. And decide what to do with those that don’t work. It was decided to reallocate the budget in favor of effective keywords and campaigns. Namely, from all campaigns (including the dynamic one), all keywords and search queries for which conversions were made were collected and brought into a separate campaign with the maximum budget and the “maximum conversions” strategy. For the rest, there was a small budget and manual bids.
        The campaign with conversion keys started to work and bring conversions, but they turned out to be quite expensive and not in the amount we expected.

        1. Start actively testing different campaigns and strategies. This is how we set up a lot of interesting things.:
          • Ad groups with audiences by interest (pulled from Google Analytics), special keyword audiences (here were selected keywords and search queries for which conversions were made) were added to the Display Network, and various geo-targetings were tried. As a result, the number of conversions increased from 3 to 4. And the conversion price was 891 UAH (777 UAH less than in the previous period. And that’s good)
          • And for the purposes of the test, it was decided to try the “fresh” at that time type of campaign from Google called Discovery.

            The essence of the Discovery Ads format is that the algorithms of the Google advertising system analyze a variety of signals of consumer intent from the audience of the search engine, and then show effective personalized ads to those users who are ready to interact with the ad and the brand at the moment when they are just surfing the Internet. In other words, these clickable image ads are shown to an audience that is potentially interested in ordering a product or service without even knowing it.