What’s at the start?

Start of work 05.2017
71 visits per month

Client – company “AI HELPS” – software developer for the beauty industry

Project – site of Beauty PRO Software – beauty salon automation service

Task on the project:
Getting targeted organic traffic to the site for commercial and information requests

The main difficulties of the niche:

Narrow niche with little traffic
Long decision-making cycle by site visitors, many touches are required
Limited number of topics for writing articles



Internal optimization

After a technical audit, we found and fixed a whole list of problems:

  • version from www. instead of the 301st redirect, it gave the 404th response of the server
  • correct moving to the https version
  • urls without a language identifier gave a 302 redirect to the English version
  • urls of language versions had get parameters and were poorly indexed by the search engine
  • in the language attributes rel = ”alternate” the designation of the Ukrainian language version was indicated incorrectly
  • also rel = ”alternate” contains versions of urls with get parameters
  • errors in the h1-h3 heading hierarchy
  • errors in internal links (absolute / relative, with / without language identifier)
  • incorrect implementation of the 404 error page
  • configured cyclical redirects on a number of articles
  • For some reason, some of the content of the main page did not get into the Google cache, i.e. the search engine “saw” only the first half of the page

Also, in the process of working on projects, critical errors were identified:

  • opening the dev-version for indexing when developing a new version of the site
  • accidental closing for indexing of the entire programmer’s site

This site was constantly evolving, new changes were introduced that needed to be monitored from an SEO point of view. There was a move to a new domain, which we also supported.

Semantics and content

During the first stage of cooperation, we worked out all the commercial semantics of this site, and after that we worked monthly on the formation of semantics for articles, as well as for new additional landing pages of the product.


  • new structure of landing pages
  • registered new meta tags for all pages of the site
  • wrote or optimized texts
  • improved visual layout of texts (illustrations, structure, lists, etc.)

Working with a blog

After 4 months of work, we also switched to working with a blog on the site:

  • collected monthly semantics for new articles
  • when choosing topics for articles, we focused on the needs and interests of the target audience of the site – the owners of beauty salons
  • prescribed meta tags
  • analyzed articles of competitors, not only in our geos, but also in more competitive countries, such as the United States. Based on the results of the analysis, we formed the technical specification for our articles
  • checked the texts written by copywriters
  • made technical specifications for updating articles that had lost their popularity and required updating
  • formed links to articles

External optimization

In this project, before us, no one was involved in building the link mass, which made it possible to set up the work on links “from scratch” and not fix the link profile errors. Therefore, we immediately started building links from sites with high SEO parameters. This allowed the site to successfully survive all the algorithm updates over the past 3 years.

What links did you build?

  • crowd links (forums, comments)
  • article links from trust Ukrainian sites (mainly media) through exchanges and outreach (+/- 8 domains / month)

We made a bias precisely on the quality of links, and not on their quantity.


For 3.5 years of our work on the site, search traffic has increased from 71 visits per month to 29,598 per month in organic. Most of the traffic to the site comes from the blog, but it also successfully brings quality leads.

This result was achieved by us together with the efforts of the client. First of all, I want to emphasize that they have a really excellent service that is used in their businesses, including by our other clients and acquaintances. All decisions were made and all changes were implemented quickly, the client listened to our recommendations, and often warned in advance about the planned changes on the site.

In addition to SEO promotion, the client used other channels to attract traffic and customers – advertising on google, Facebook, offline market activity, which also positively influenced SEO results due to the growth of brand traffic and improved behavioral factors.

Customer review on clutch.co – https://clutch.co/profile/site24#review-1663565