Bing has a 21% market share in the US with a lower cost per click than traditional Google Adwords

Benefits of PPC advertising in Bing

Western Markets

The popularity of the Bing advertising system in the US and Canada today is 21%. About 63 million people worldwide use Bing

3 search engines at once

Bing contextual advertising is shown immediately in search engines Bing, Yahoo! and AOL, as well as their partner sites. This adds a large amount of traffic

Low cost per click

For many highly competitive industries, the average cost per click and per conversion is several times lower in Bing Ads than for a similar campaign in Google Ads

Contextual advertising includes

Ads search campaign setup

- keywords selecting
- ad writing
- extensions building
- geo-targeting setup
- ad impressions distribution setup

Banner ads setup

- technical specifications for banners
- responsive display ads setup
- platforms and target impressions share setup

Website traffic analysis

- CTR, clicks, and traffic analysis
- conversion and orders on the website analysis
- advertising optimization based on the analysis findings


The benefits of doing PPC marketing with us

Constant growth

Every month of the campaign implementation, we optimize the ads based on the statistics obtained. Therefore, your website gets a monthly increase in conversion rate

Cost optimization

We optimize the campaign to reduce the cost, increase conversions and quality of inbound leads

Analytical reports

In monthly reports, we do not just show the numbers but analyze the results and suggest how to improve the indicators as much as possible.

Transparent communication

We always provide the client with complete and comprehensible information about the work performed and the results


We communicate, set up advertising, write reports in Ukrainian, Russian, and English

Focus on results

Your results are our reputation. Thus, just like you, we are interested in the improvement and growth of your business.


Google confirms our competence, and we've demonstrated the expertise

we drive client growth and maintain an efficient optimization score

our customers with new Ads accounts can get up to UAH 10000 bonus from Google


Ours reviews on



for a site with 2-3 services

$from 270

per month

  • Creating Bing Ads account, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager
  • Setting up website analytics
  • Building a keyword list
  • Keyword distribution
  • Adding irrelevant words to the negative keyword list
  • Writing text ads, at least 3 for each group
  • Adding ad extensions to the campaign
  • Managing campaign settings: scheduling ads, adding geotargeting, optimizing keyword bids


for online stores

$from 380

per month

  • Creating Bing Ads account, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager
  • Setting up website analytics
  • Setting up Shopping ads
  • Creating a Dynamic Search Ad
  • Building a keyword list
  • Keyword distribution
  • Adding irrelevant words to the negative keyword list
  • Writing text ads, at least 3 for each group
  • Adding ad extensions to the campaign
  • Managing campaign settings: scheduling ads, adding geotargeting, optimizing keyword bids
  • Campaign performance analysis. Impression share and win rate calculation.
  • Competitor analysis. Improvement suggestions based on the data obtained

Account audit


$from 95


  • Analyzing the accuracy of analytics settings – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, call tracking
  • Analyzing keywords relevance, match types, search-log
  • Ensuring the accuracy of extensions, schedules, targeting, budgets
  • Analyzing the effectiveness and alignment of the ads with marketing efforts
  • Reviewing impression share data.
  • Calculating win rate
  • As a result, you will receive a list of comments and suggestions for the Ad Manager.

Our KPIs

Number of Ad Impressions

- Ads are shown to all relevant audience
- Ads don't appear in non-targeted requests
- Ads are aligned with the campaign goals
- Optimized win rate

Increase in user interest

- Written ads are relevant and sell
- Visuals are appealing
- Increase in click-through rates

Budget optimization

- Optimal budget allocation
- Traffic and sales increase through effective campaign budget management across ad sets
- Weekly reduction in customer acquisition costs

Website sales

- Website data analysis and increase in % of sales
- Competitor analysis and ad performance improvement
- New advertising activities development

Stages of work on a project




Formation of the project strategy. Together with you, we form an individual advertising campaign strategy based on your goals and needs.




Conclusion of a contract. We fully prescribe the list of keywords of interest, the time frame, and the budget for the work. The execution of this contract on our part is monitored by Project-manager




Setting up contextual advertising. First of all, we set up an analytics system for your site. Next comes the development of the full semantic core, development of advertisements, setting up geotargeting and display schedule




Maintaining and finalizing an advertising campaign. We check the statistics and effectiveness of the advertising campaign on a weekly basis and make adjustments in order to maximize the advertising results for you




Reporting. We provide you monthly reports on the progress of the advertising campaign, its effectiveness, as well as a list of recommendations to improve sales from the site

Why does a business need contextual advertising?

Because with the help of contextual advertising, you can be found by a person who is currently interested in your product or service. This is your potential client.

Why do you need to order the customization of contextual advertising from a specialist?

Like in any other search engine, contextual advertising in Bing can be set by oneself. But in case of mistakes, you can spend a lot of money and not get the desired results and customers. Therefore, it is better and cheaper to consult a specialist.

Is bing advertising suitable for my business?

Bing PPC advertising is a good option if your product or service is sold in the United States and other Western countries. It does not replace advertising on Google. However, you can get targeted customers on a much lower budget due to the lower popularity.

According to ReportGarden, the average cost per click in the US auto niche is $ 7.99 on Bing Ads and $ 20.08 on Google Ads.

Also, more than 75% of users of this system are over 35 years old, and this is a very solvent audience.

How much money does it take to order advertising on Bing?

In contextual advertising, you can select any budget for the test. One only has to consider the cost per click in your niche. And then optimize the budget gradually, based on the data obtained.

How to choose a specialist in setting up contextual advertising?

First, you need to assess competence, experience, and successful cases. Also, a good professional would request details about your business, offer to set up analytics, and provide you access to all the accounts created for you.

Why choose Site24 to customize your ads?

– We have a team working on your account, which means that your advertisement is left unattended when the specialist goes for a vacation.

– We value our reputation – this means we constantly monitor the results and terms

– We have completed numerous projects and strategies. Our experience allows us to choose the most effective and profitable tools for you.


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