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It is necessary to fully cover all key site queries, develop the correct structure, optimize texts and other content on the site

With us you will receive

The most complete list of keywords for the site
Clustering and developed site structure
Operational deadlines
Favorable price

What is the semantic core of the site for?

Site structure

To develop the most complete site structure, taking into account all the necessary categories, subcategories, filters and other elements of the site structure and navigation

Writing and optimization of texts

To write the most complete and informative texts that will include all key queries and rank well on google

Track results

After selecting the semantic core, you will be able to closely monitor the positions of your site in search engines, understand the effectiveness of promotion and form an SEO strategy


Benefits of working with us

Completeness of execution

We work so that you get a complete semantic core, which includes all possible keywords in your niche.

Transparent communication

We always provide the client with real information about the state of the project and our work

Efficiency of execution

We adhere to clear deadlines for the completion of work. In case of possible delays – we will inform you in advance

Clustering and structure

We do clustering of the obtained semantics, and on its basis we compose the optimal structure of the site


Ours reviews on

Tariff plans and cost


for small sites

$from 120

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Scope: up to 20 services or categories
  • Semantics clustering
  • Website structure development


for medium-sized sites

$from 220

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Volume: 30-50 services or categories
  • Semantics clustering
  • Website structure development


for large projects

$from 350

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Scope: from 60-80 services or categories
  • Semantics clustering
  • Website structure development

Stages of work on the site




You leave a request on our website or by phone




Together with you, we define the tasks of compiling the semantic core, form the plan, tactics and cost of work




We dive into your business, study the entire range of your products and services, understand who your target audience is and how they can search for your product




Next, our task is to collect a semantic core with all possible variants of key queries using services such as the Keyword Planner, Serpstat, KeyCollector and others.




We distribute all found keywords across the pages of your site, if necessary, we write technical specifications for creating new pages, as well as categories, subcategories and filters

What keywords are you collecting?

– high-frequency (HF) requests – the most popular requests in your topic (from 1000 requests per month and above), which bring the most traffic, but are too general

– medium-frequency (MF) requests – medium-popular requests (50-1000 requests per month), most often to optimize site categories

– low-frequency (LF) requests – which most accurately characterize your specific product or service, and which can bring the most targeted traffic to the site

– commercial inquiries – the purpose of which is to obtain commercial information about the product and the subsequent purchase

– information requests – their purpose is to obtain general information about the product, they are often the beginning of the emergence of interest and subsequent decision-making

You can also detail the order for the semantic core in order to focus on the selection of semantics of a specific type or on certain types of services.

What do I get on the way out?

As a result, you will receive a complete turnkey semantic core, which will include all key queries for your goods and services. It will also contain data on the frequency of key queries in your geo.

Keywords will be clustered into separate groups based on niche analysis and Google SERP

Why do you need to collect the semantic core of the site?

It is on the basis of the selection of keywords that the following is developed:

– structure (tree, site hierarchy) is a list of all pages, categories, subcategories and filters

– content – texts, structure of landing pages, meta tags

You also need to order semantics for the site in order to track the positions and dynamics of project promotion.

Is it possible to compose the semantic core of the site yourself?

You can also collect semantics for the site yourself, especially if the price of the issue is high for you now. However, you must be sure that you have taken into account all possible key queries, there are no irrelevant words among them, and everything is clustered correctly and taking into account the analysis of the current Google search results.

Otherwise, you run the risk of placing an incorrect or incomplete structure on the site, writing inappropriate texts, and thus losing your share of traffic.

You should be especially careful in developing the structure of the site, it is good to understand which groups of requests should be divided into separate pages, which ones should be divided, which sections and added, and so that they do not form internal duplicates on the site. And what requests will be more efficient to “send” to the informational part of the site.

How is the cost of creating a semantic core formed?

The price for ordering a semantic core is formed primarily based on the amount of work. To do this, at the stage of the first negotiations, we clarify the task of collecting semantics – for some projects, you need to immediately collect a complete semantic core, for others, you can do with a faster templated version.

Also, the cost depends on the number of categories on the site, the availability of priorities, and the complexity of the topic itself.

In order to accurately calculate the price of work on the creation of a semantic core – leave a request, after that we will contact you and specify the necessary input data for the calculation.


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