Increase sales by attracting interested users from social networks

Benefits of setting up Facebook ads

Interested users

We customize advertising so that it hits right on target

Flexible control system

We constantly monitor the advertising office. We regularly add new creatives and find effective advertising “bundles”

Easy calculation of profitability

In targeted advertising, it is very easy to calculate the effectiveness of each type of ad.

What is included in the cost of setting up Facebook ads


for business with 1-2 services

$from 270

price per month

  • Analysis of business, niche and competitors
  • Determination of the sales funnel, schemes and sequences of the advertising campaign
  • Development of an advertising strategy
  • Analytics setup
  • Determining the target audience
  • Advertising copy writing
  • Rendering banners
  • Setting up and launching advertising campaigns
  • Testing and selection of effective ads
  • Analytics and campaign optimization
  • Connecting remarketing
  • Weekly ad performance report and results forecast

Benefits of working with us

Quick start

Set up Facebook ads in 3-5 days thanks to streamlined internal processes. You will be able to get clients within the first week at a low cost

Focus on results

Your results are our reputation. This means that we, just like you, are interested in the growth of the results of your business.

Constant growth

Every month we conduct advertising, we optimize it based on the statistics obtained in order to get an increase in the number of conversions and their price was less.

We do not take% of the budget

We work with a static cost of work, we do not take a% of advertising costs. This means that he will not strive to raise budgets in vain.

Analytical reports

In monthly reports, we do not just state the numbers obtained, but analyze the results and write how to improve the indicators as much as possible.

Transparent communication

We provide clients with all access, and you yourself see the costs, cost per lead and the resulting efficiency in the Facebook ad account.


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How targeted advertising is set up




We define goals and strategies advertising campaign. We analyze in detail your business, niche and competitors.




We build sequence and scheme advertising messages. For successful and effective advertising, you need to build a chain of several touches of your target audience




We define target audiences for impressions. Selection of visitors by interests, age, gender, place of residence, education level, place of work, behavior in social networks and other parameters




We write texts for heating and advertising posts. For advertising offers, we create selling ads, connect a designer to create banners




We set up advertisements for target audiences, exhibiting budgets, choose locations, make narrow targeting settings. We monitor and adjust budgets on a daily basis.




We connect and configure analytics systems – Google Analytics и Facebook Pixel. We analyze results, adjust the settings if necessary

What are the results of targeted advertising?

Generation of leads

Filling out a form or contacting the messenger right under the advertising post. This allows you to quickly receive applications from interested users even without going to the site.

Transitions to the site

For more complex products and services, or if there is a different assortment of interested users, you can lead directly to the site, where they can select and place an order

Reach and engagement

Facebook allows you to select the exact target audience and show them information about you and your product, so that users gradually become interested and then ready to buy

Audience loyalty

Keeping in touch with your customers through social media allows you to constantly stay in their sight, build loyalty and easily build repeat sales

Why is social media advertising better than other types of advertising?

The audience of Facebook in Ukraine is 16 million active users (as of 2021), in the world – 2.6 billion. Among them there are definitely people interested in your products and services. We will attract interested customers to your business with the help of accurate targeting and well-thought-out advertising creatives.

Why is it better to order the setting up of targeted advertising from a specialist?

Advertising on Facebook can be launched by yourself, however, when setting up it, you need to take into account a lot of nuances, ignoring which can lead to wasting huge budgets and not getting customers. Therefore, we recommend that you trust the specialists – this will save you a lot of money and time.

What social networks do you work with?

We only work with setting up Facebook and Instagram ads

How much money does it take to try and run ads on social media?

In Facebook ads, you can set any budget for the test. The price for setting up Facebook ads can also vary.

To calculate the budget, you need to take into account the cost per click in your niche and the desired results. In the process of advertising, you can already adjust the budget based on the data received.

Why choose Site24 to customize your ads?

– We have a team working on your account, which means that situations when someone went on skis and your advertisement was left unattended are excluded.

– We value our reputation – this means we have constant monitoring of results and terms

– We have many completed projects and strategies under our belt. Our experience enables us to choose the most effective and profitable tools for you.


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We show and explain the process and results of our work at any time

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