Yulia Shilova


We have worked with the Site24 team for two and a half years. During this period we have managed to significantly increase SEO traffic, improve previously lagging categories and add important functionality to promote the site. Site24 employees always stay in touch; they quickly resolve any issues, offer impressive ideas and keep track of the implementation. I recommend Site24 as a reliable partner in online promotion.

Alexey Aronov


We started working with Katerina Zolotareva and Site24 two years ago. They accomplish great work and are true professionals in their field. Together we went through all the stages of relaunching our sites; from ideation to completion. The sites "Propositsiya" and "Ogorodnik" are specific agriculture-themed resources. It is not as straightforward as promoting an online store or fashion website. Based on the specifics of our business, the Site24 team implemented various of tools for promotion and organic traffic acquisition. The results are impressive. Our site now leads the search queue of its niche. Special thanks to the leader of the SEO team — Katerina Zolotareva and our dedicated SEO specialist — Maria Kharchenko. Your reliability and knowledge is very valuable. We are totally satisfied and recommend Site24 to those looking for experienced specialists in website promotion.

Olga Rivnyachok


Plastics-Ukraine is grateful for Site24’s help in achieving our stable position at the top of Google search results. The tasks are always performed with quality and within agreed time limits. Recommendations were provided for each product and immediate solutions were developed. Improved results on Google were delivered across three countries where our offices are located: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Choosing Site24 means working with responsible professionals. We’ve collaborated with the team leader Ekaterina Zolotareva for 5 years. She has a unique approach that has achieved substantial results for us. She confidently delivers that the promotion of our site will be successful. A difficult challenge that Ekaterina creatively overcomes.

Anastasia Kryzhanovskaya


We have been cooperating with the Site24 Team for a long time. We are satisfied with both the results and workflow. I emphasize that it is very comfortable to work with this team. Transparent work planning, clear reporting and timely responses to questions and alterations. There is no need to monitor their work every day: we trust them and their plan. The agreed scope of work will be completed on time. Thankful for their quality and professionalism!

Ilya Kovalev


We have been working with the Site24 agency since mid 2017. Based on SEO standards, this collaboration gave speedy results. We managed to significantly increase the visibility of our site on Google in less than six months. We showed up on the first page of Google with nearly all key queries. This allowed us to increase sales and reduce the customer acquisition cost. I would like to express special thanks to Katerina Zolotareva and Evgeny Turchikhin, who manage our project. They are competent professionals in their field. Goals are always addressed at the highest of standards. Whenever I had questions or concerns, someone was always ready to help. Working with them is effective and pleasant. So much appreciation for this team!

Artem Beloded


I turned to Katya to for assistance with optimization in early 2017. I admired her thorough approach along with the support during the stage of implementation. Most importantly, the results skyrocketed after changes had been integrated! We’re already working on our next project. Cheers!