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SEO Promotion Services

Content Optimization

- Keyword list research
- Website structure development
- Writing meta-tags
- Writing TOR for landing pages
- Writing optimized texts

Technical SEO

- Technical SEO website audit
- Website indexation verification
- Writing TOR for the programmer
- Migration to https or another CMS
- Migration to another domain


- Link mass analysis
- Link strategy development
- Selection of donor websites for links
- Writing articles for linkbuilding
- Posting and monitoring links

SEO consulting

- Market analysis and SEO strategy development
- Customer demand analysis
- Structure development for new websites
- Removal of search engine filters
- SEO consulting

Reputation management

- Google My Business map optimization
- Removal of negative articles from the top 10
- Attracting positive feedback about the company
- Building a positive reputation

Increase of conversions

- Field of activity marketing audit
- Website analytics analysis
- Creation of landing pages
- Usability audit
- TOR to improve sales performance from the website


The benefits of SEO search engine promotion with us

Realistic Forecasts

Only realistic forecasts of the SEO promotion results

Transparent Communication

We always provide our clients with real information about the project status and the results of SEO promotion

Comprehensive Reports

In the reports we provide detailed information on the results of the promotion, indicate a list of our tasks and write a plan for future actions.

Clear TORs

Our “Terms of Reference” for search engine optimization are written in accurate and clear language to facilitate their implementation by other specialists.

The selection of a Language

We work, communicate and write TORs in Ukrainian, Russian and English

Commitment to Results

Your results are our reputation. This means that we, just like you, are focused on increasing the results of your business.


Ours reviews on

Plans and prices



From $350

per month

  • Keyword research and clustering (up to 20 pages)
  • Creation of meta tags
  • Writing TORs for landing pages (up to 5 pages)
  • Writing TORs for texts
  • Technical SEO audit. Writing TOR for the programmer
  • Up to 20 links per month
  • Monthly report



From $550

per month

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research and clustering (up to 30 pages)
  • Creation of meta tags – custom and template
  • Writing TORs for landing pages (up to 10 pages)
  • Writing SEO TORs for texts
  • Technical SEO audit + Writing TOR for the programmer
  • Preparation of TOR for the website structure development
  • Control of implementation of technical changes
  • Writing TOR for blog texts
  • Adding website to directories and Google services
  • Usability audit of the website
  • Up to 40 links per month
  • Monthly report
  • Consulting from our specialists



From $750

per month

  • Detailed competitor analysis + Development of SEO strategy
  • Keyword research and clustering (from 50 pages per month)
  • Creation of meta tags – custom and template ones
  • Writing TOR for landing pages
  • Writing of SEO TORs for texts
  • Technical SEO audit + Preparing TOR for the programmer
  • Writing TOR for the website structure development
  • Monitoring of implementation of technical changes
  • Daily monitoring of the website
  • Support of migrations and implementation of new features
  • Writing and checking texts for the website
  • Writing TOR for blog texts
  • Adding the site to directories and Google services
  • Usability audit of the website
  • Selection of the best donor websites for links
  • Manual link building (outreach) – from 50 links per month
  • Weekly report
  • Monthly offers for site improvement
  • Consulting from our specialists

We work according to the following KPI

Website Positions

Monthly growth in positions of the site by keywords until they reach the TOP 10

Search Engine Visibility

A monthly increase in visibility of the website on Google. A result of the growth of
positions and expansion of keyword lists

Organic Traffic

A steady increase in the number of visitors to the website from free Google search results

Sales from the Website

Increased sales on your website and decreased cost of attracting customers

Stages of work to promote your website




Make an order on our website or by phone




We analyze your website, objectives and the competitors. Based on this data, we generate an SEO promotion strategy and organic traffic forecast




We create an agreement and payment plan then set up our working team and have an overview discussion with the client of the project. After that, we start our work and coordinate all the documents with you.




At the end of each working period, we deliver a detailed report on the work completed, the results of the website search engine promotion, and a list of tasks for the next working period.




Every month you’ll get an increase in SEO traffic to your website and the number of clients and sales!

What does an SEO specialist do?

An SEO specialist does a wide range of work which leads to an increase in the position of the site on Google as well as improvement of organic traffic.

The first aspect is working with content and on-page optimization. For example: keyword research, clustering, distribution on landing pages, improving the structure of the site menu, modification of landing pages, and the development of TOR for writing texts.

This is done on the basis of Google statistics as well as detailed competitor analysis.

The second element is a technical optimization of the site. This implies scanning the site with the help of special programs and subsequent verification with more than 100 parameters.

As a result, all the technical errors of the site are determined. A detailed TOR for the programmer to fix these issues is written.

After fixing and refining the site, the specialist goes to the stage of link-building.

A preliminary analysis of the link mass of competitors is made and a link-building strategy is formed. After which donor sites are carefully selected, the necessary texts are written and links are posted.

For a quality website promotion; the niche, competitors, and results are constantly analyzed. This is necessary for the formation and correction of future plans, analysis of the results, and subsequent refinement of the site.

When should I expect the first results of SEO promotion?

The terms of the results depend on the initial conditions. If it’s a new, previously unoptimized site, the first results are visible in 3-4 months from the initial updates. After SEO specialists write a technical audit, conduct on-page optimization, programmers implement changes, copywriters will write the first texts, content managers will post them on the site, and the first links will be purchased and indexed.

For older websites; the results may be visible as early as two months after the implementation of the first adjustments

How long do I need to promote the website?

This depends on the demand and competition in the niche, your objectives and the features of the website. After just six months of SEO promotion, you may get a sufficient amount of traffic to your site. If the niche is not very competitive and you are not planning to change the website, you can remain at the same level of traffic for many years without any additional investment.

If there is a potential for traffic growth, if your competitors are pulling you down, or if you are constantly refining your site, it is best to maintain SEO optimization on an ongoing basis. In each case we create an individual plan of work. This is necessary for the monthly growth of positions and traffic.

How is the price of SEO promotion quoted?

The cost of SEO promotion is quoted on the basis of:

– Niche competitiveness

– Quality of competitor sites – the amount of content, usability and link mass

– Quality of the site to be promoted

– Priority categories and business objectives

After analyzing all these parameters, we develop a detailed plan and estimate the number of necessary working hours and their cost. We consider the link mass budget, traffic forecasts and also calculate the return on investment of the SEO promotion for a specific project

What is the difference between SEO and contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising implies constant investments for getting traffic. You fund your account and traffic flows to the site. You pay for each conversion and to get clients. When the money runs out – this flow stops.

SEO is an investment model in which you delegate resources into the site. This improves its quality in the eyes of search engines. Therefore the site gets more traffic and you gain customers with no additional investment. Moreover, if SEO is done correctly the flow of customers remains even after we finish SEO improvement. This route you save money.

What is your experience in SEO promotion?

We have practical knowledge in SEO website optimization since 2011. In 2017 we formed our team and created an agency. Our professional team is skilled in website promotion. During these years we have grown more than 1,000 sites to the top of Google.

Since 2015 we’ve been teaching our own SEO courses and are now in partnership with SkillUp Training Center. We also speak at specialized conferences on digital marketing.

How are you better than others?

Our clients are continually satisfied with the successful results we deliver. More than 95% of our clients trust us and refer others to our team. We focus on the growth of your sales and site, we listen to your needs and execute on them to the best of our knowledge.


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