SEO promotion of the websites abroad

Bringing websites to the TOP-10 in the most competitive markets (the USA, Canada, and Western Europe) will give you a large solvent audience

Specifics of SEO website promotion in Europe and the USA

High competition

The goods and services market in the English-speaking segment is extensive, and it contains most of the world’s cash flow. Thus, competition for a visitor is considerable, and top-notch SEO results can be achieved only with a highly professional approach.

Only transparent strategies

In the western market, all manipulative promotion methods, such as buying links, do not work. Reference mass should only grow naturally; thus, a more complex and long-term SEO strategy is required.

Massive traffic

The English-speaking segment has on average 10-15 times more traffic than similar Russian-speaking segments. At the same time, the purchasing power of users abroad is 3-4 times higher. All this makes Google promotion of an English-language website especially attractive.

Promotion of English-language websites includes

Content optimization

- semantic core development
- website structure expansion
- meta tags crafting
- landing pages tech specs development
- optimized texts creation

Technical SEO

- technical SEO audit of the website
- indexing check
- tech specs for web development
- migration to https or another CMS
- migration to another domain

Link building

- competitors reference mass analysis
- link building strategy development
- donor site quality check
- link building articles writing
- link placement and control

SEO consulting

- market analysis and development of SEO strategy
- consumer demand analysis
- development of new websites' structure
- search engine penalty removal
- SEO consulting

Reputation management

- Google My Business listing optimization
- removal of negative articles from the top 10
- attraction of positive company reviews
- reputation management

Conversion increase

- niche marketing audit
- web analytics
- development of the landing page that sells
- UX audit
- tech specs for increasing sales from the site


The benefits of doing SEO with us

Realistic forecasts

We do not promise the moon and only provide realistic SEO forecasting

Transparent communication

We always provide accurate information about the state of the project and our work

Complete reports

Our reports include comprehensive information about the work results, a list of the deliverables, and an action plan.

Clear Tech Specs

Our tech specs are written comprehensively and thoughtfully. Thus, they can be easily understood and implemented by other specialists.


We work, communicate and write technical specifications in Ukrainian, Russian, and English

Focus on results

Your results are our reputation. Thus, just like you, we are interested in the improvement and growth of your business.


Ours reviews on




from USD 480

per month

  • Semantic core development and clustering (up to 20 pages)
  • Meta tags creation
  • Tech specs for landing pages (up to 5 pages)
  • Tech specs for texts
  • Technical SEO audit. Tech specs for web development.
  • Up to 20 links per month
  • Monthly report


for online stores

from USD 680

per month

  • Competitor analysis
  • Semantic core development and clustering (up to 30 pages)
  • Meta tags creation – both custom and template ones
  • Tech specs for landing pages (up to 10 pages)
  • SEO tech specs for texts
  • Technical SEO audit. Tech specs for web development.
  • Tech specs for site structure expansion
  • Technical monitoring of revisions implementation
  • Tech specs for blog content
  • Adding the website to directories and google services
  • UX site audit
  • Up to 40 links per month
  • Monthly report
  • Our experts consultation



from USD 890

per month

  • Detailed competitor analysis. SEO strategy development
  • Semantic core development and clustering (from 50 pages per month)
  • Meta tags creation – both custom and template ones
  • Tech specs for landing pages
  • SEO tech specs for texts
  • Technical SEO audit. Tech specs for web development.
  • Tech specs for website structure expansion
  • Technical monitoring of revisions implementation
  • Daily website monitoring
  • Domain migration, implementation of new features
  • Writing/proofreading website content
  • Tech specs for blog content
  • Adding the website to directories and google services
  • UX site audit
  • Donor site quality check
  • Manual outreach link building – from 50 links per month
  • Weekly report
  • Monthly website improvement suggestions
  • Our experts consultation

Our KPIs

Website positions

Monthly website keyword ranking growth, which continues till the TOP-1 is reached.

Search engine visibility

Monthly growth of website visibility in google resulted by positions increase and semantic core expansion

Free traffic

Constant growth of organic traffic.

Sales from the website

While sales increase, CAC decreases.

Project stages




Leave a request on our website or by phone




Our team will analyze your site, goals, and competitors. We develop a promotion strategy and forecast organic traffic based on the analysis.




Then, we sign a contract. After making the payment, you get a working team and a project chat. Next, our team starts working, and intermediate documents are arranged simultaneously.




At the end of each work period, you get a detailed report that includes the deliverables, results, list of tasks for the next period.




Every month, your SEO traffic and the number of clients increase!


What are the specifics of SEO for the English-speaking segment?

1. The website content and external articles should be written by a native speaker. For most translators, it’s challenging to create a text comprehended by the residents of England and the United States in an intended way.

2. The need to work with western webmasters. It is not possible to use link exchanges in most Western countries. In this case, quality expert articles are needed to build links. Also, to create more links, additional websites can be developed.

3. The importance of local SEO. Improvement of regional strategy requires indicating the address, phone number, and exact location on the map. When the business has many addresses, this should be considered as well.

What does an SEO specialist do?

An SEO specialist does the whole range of work that leads to the website’s position in google search and free traffic improvement.
The first part of the work includes content and on-page optimization: selecting, clustering, and distributing keywords, finalizing the website menu structure, finalizing landing pages, and developing tech specs for the content. All this should be based on google statistics as well as detailed competitor analysis.

The second part of the work is the technical optimization of the site. This includes a site scan with the help of special programs and a subsequent check of over 100 necessary parameters. As a result, all technical errors of the site are detected, and detailed tech specs are written so that a programmer can correct these errors.

After fixing and finalizing the website, the specialist starts working with the link mass. After a preliminary analysis of competitors’ link mass, a linking strategy is developed. Then donor sites are carefully selected, the necessary texts are written, and links are ordered.

Analytics of niche, competitors, and results are carried out constantly. Then, the results are analyzed to develop the subsequent plans and continue website improvement.

How long does it take to get the first results?

The timing of the results depends on the conditions at the start.

If this is a new, previously unoptimized website, the first results are visible in 3-4 months of work. For that, SEO specialists conduct a technical audit and on-page optimization; programmers implement changes; copywriters write first texts; content managers post them on the website; first links are purchased and indexed.

For older sites, the results can be seen as early as in the 2nd month of work, when the first set of changes is implemented.

How long does it take to promote a website in SEO?

It all depends on the demand and competition in the niche, your goals, and site features. After six months of SEO promotion, you can get sufficient traffic. If the niche is not very competitive and you do not plan to change the website, you can stay at the same level of traffic for many years without any additional investment.

If there is a potential for traffic growth, high competition, or the website is constantly improved, then it is better to optimize SEO continuously. We form an individual work plan required for each case’s monthly growth of positions and traffic.

How is the pricing of SEO promotion defined?

The cost of SEO promotion is based on:
– the amount of competition in the niche
– the quality of competitors’ sites
– the amount of content, UX, link mass
– the quality of the promoted web site
– priority categories and goals of the business

After analyzing all listed parameters, we create a detailed plan, estimate the required number of work hours and their cost, calculate a budget for the link mass, forecast traffic, and calculate SEO campaign ROI for a specific project.

How does SEO differ from contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising involves constant investment to get traffic. When you replenish your advertising account, traffic starts coming to the site. You pay for each transition to the site and get customers. When the money runs out – this flow stops.

SEO is an investment model. You invest in the website, its quality for search engines grows, and then the website gets traffic. Then you get a flow of clients for free, without additional investments.

Moreover, if SEO is done correctly, the flow remains even SEO work is finished, and you stop investing in it.

What experience do you have in international SEO?

We have been working in SEO promotion since 2011. In 2017, we opened Site24 agency and to work in an in-house team of specialists. During this time, we have promoted over 1000 sites to the top of google search. These projects include the United States and Europe websites, particularly in the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, etc.

Why are you better than others?

Frankly, we don’t really know. We simply do a good job, and more than 95% of our clients come to us on recommendations from other people. They trust us, and that speaks for itself.


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