Setting up and running Google Ads to attract customers to your website

We Provide

Quick Setup

Targeted visitors to your website in just 2-3 days

Flexible Management System

You can set your own advertising budget, campaign duration, schedule, traffic volume, and pay per click

Easy Profitability Calculation

Contextual advertising allows us to easily calculate the profitability of the project and ROI (Return on Investment)

Site24 Services Include:

Search ads setup

- Keyword research
- Ad writing
- Extension creation
- Setting up geo-targeting
- Setting the schedule of impressions

Banner ads setup

- Creation of TOR for banners
- Creation of adaptive ads for GDN
- Setting up sites and targeting for impressions

Google Shopping setup

- Preparation of TOR for the creation of data feeds
- Checking for compliance with the Google Shopping rules
- Google Merchant Center account setup
- Engaging re-marketing

Re-marketing setup

- Re-marketing is required to retrieve users who’ve left the website
- Setting up classic and dynamic re-marketing

Analytics setup

- Setting up Google Analytics and GTM codes on the website
- Setting up micro and macro conversions
- Analysis of the results to form ad optimization

PPC advertising audit

- Analysis of the advertising cabinet
- Writing TOR for improving the performance and results of advertising
- Refinement of current advertising campaigns


Advantages of contextual advertising maintenance

Continuous Growth

Every month we optimize advertising based on statistics obtained. This leads to steady growth in the number of customers and orders.

Cost Optimization

Ad optimization is geared towards reducing cost per order, increasing conversions and improving the quality of incoming leads.

Analytical Reports

In our monthly reports we analyze the results and describe how we can further improve them.

Transparent Communication

We provide our clients with comprehensive and clear information about the completed work and results.

Language Selection

We set up advertising, write reports and communicate in Ukrainian, Russian, and English

Commitment to Results

Your results are our reputation. This shows we are equally interested in increasing the efficiency of your business.


our competence is confirmed directly by Google

we have a sufficient number of clients, which means experience in setting up contextual advertising

our customers with new ad accounts can get up to 10000 UAH bonus from Google


Ours reviews on

Contextual advertising service cost


for a website with 2-3 services

From $270

per month

  • Creation of Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager accounts
  • Setting up analytics on the website
  • Keyword research for advertising
  • Distribution of relevant keywords by ad groups
  • Adding irrelevant words to the list of negative words
  • Writing of advertisement texts, no less than 3 for each group
  • Adding ad extensions to a campaign
  • Final settings for campaigns: schedule of ad impressions, adding geo-targeting, setting keyword bids


for online stores

From $380

per month

  • Creation of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and Google Tag Manager accounts
  • Setting up website analytics
  • Setting up Google Shopping ads
  • Creation of a dynamic search advertising campaign
  • Setting up banner advertisement
  • Keyword research for advertisement
  • Distribution of relevant keywords by ad groups
  • Adding irrelevant words to the negative word list
  • Writing of advertisement texts, no less than 3 for each group
  • Adding ad extensions to a campaign
  • Final settings for campaigns: schedule of ad impressions, adding geo-targeting, setting keyword bids
  • Account analytics. Checking the percentage of impressions received for campaigns. Checking the percentage of won auctions.
  • Competitor analysis. Identifying growth points based on the data obtained.

Account audit

For working ac

From $95

  • Analytic Settings Check – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, call tracking
  • Analysis of keyword relevance, match types, search queries
    Checking the correctness of extensions, schedules, targeting, budgets
  • Analysis of an ads effectiveness and compliance with advertising goals
  • Checking the percentage of impressions received for campaigns. Checking the percentage of won auctions
  • As a result, you get a list of notes and potential points of growth of your advertising cabinet

We work according to the following KPIs

The number of impressions

- Showing ads to all interested users
- Restriction of impressions on non-targeted requests
- Ad optimization with focused advertising purpose
- Maximizing the number of won auctions

Interest rate growth

- Writing appropriate sales pitches
- Creation of an attractive visual ad presentation
- Growth of ad clicks

Budget optimization

- Getting maximum traffic for a minimal budget
- Budget increase for ads that generate sales
- Reducing the cost of attracting customers

Sales from the website

- Analysis of website pages and increasing % of sales
- Competitor analysis and ad refinement
- Elaboration of new advertising activities

Project Stages




Formation of the Project Strategy. Together we develop an unique strategy for the advertising campaign based on your goals and needs.




Conclusion of an Agreement. We specify a list of keywords, terms and budget. A project manager supervises the fulfillment of this agreement.




Contextual Advertising Setup. Firstly we set up an analytics system for your site. After we study a complete keyword list, development of ads, geo-targeting setup and a schedule of impressions.




Maintenance and Refinement of the Advertising Campaign. We check the statistics and the effectiveness of the campaign every week and make adjustments to maximize the advertising results for you




Reporting. We provide you with monthly reports on the progress of the advertising campaign, its effectiveness, as well as a list of recommendations to improve sales from the website

Why do businesses need contextual advertising?

With contextual advertising, you can be more likely discovered by someone who is interested in your product or service.

Why should I order a contextual advertising setup from a specialist?

You can run Google ads by yourself, but when you set them up, you need to take into account a lot of issues, and neglecting them may lead to huge wasted budgets and failure to attract customers. Therefore, we recommend trusting specialists – this will save you a lot of money and time.

Will advertising in Google be suitable for my business?

Google ads are suitable for almost any business. There are cases where it is less effective – if people are not looking for your product or the site is not user-friendly, experienced professionals will inform you about this before setting up advertising.

How much does contextual advertising cost?

The budget for the work with PPC is divided into 2 parts: the cost of setup (the work of specialists) and the cost of clicks (payment for clicks is made through an advertising account directly to Google).

To calculate the cost of setting up contextual advertising, we write a necessary work plan, calculate the required specialist working hours, and based on this, we form a budget.

To calculate the budget for clicks, we study Google’s statistics on the cost of clicks to the site for the selected niche and the required geo-targeting. After that, we calculate an approximate advertising budget for your website.

How to choose a specialist in contextual advertising?

First of all, you should assess the expertise, experience, and successful cases. Also, a good specialist in advertising will first ask about your business, offer to set up analytics, and give you access to all the accounts that will be created for you.

What contextual advertising services are most effective for an online store?

You can use any type of advertising for your online store, but Google Shopping ads and dynamic advertising campaigns have proven to be most effective. Dynamic ads require the least time to set up and yield the highest conversion rates.

However, to set up a dynamic campaign, the website should be SEO-optimized.

Why choose Site24 for your ads setup?

– We have a team focused on your account. The benefit of this is that while you’re away on a holiday, we’re taking care of your website. 

– We value our reputation, which means we are constantly monitoring the results and deadlines.

– We have a lot of successful projects and strategies under our belt. Our experience allows us to choose the most effective and profitable tools for you.


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