How to increase the number of conversions from contextual advertising by 251% and say goodbye to the client. Case

Service: Setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns in Google Ads
Topic: Education abroad
Region: Ukraine
Duration: 4 months (08.03.21-21.06.21 compared with the period 02.03.20-29.06.20)

*advertising did not work between periods, because there was no group set
** periods of different duration are compared (17 weeks and 15 weeks)
Advertising budget: UAH 25.9 thousand

Initial data: Search campaigns were configured that did not bring the desired number of conversions. For 17 weeks, there were 45 conversions at a price of UAH 268 each. It is small and expensive.

Goals and Objectives: Get as many leads as possible. To fill the groups with students for studying in Polish universities.

What did we do. March came and the recruitment of students to study at universities in Poland began.

Taking into account the previous statistics, it was decided to create a separate campaign with conversion keywords.

So, after analyzing all the keywords and search queries, we selected only those for which there were conversions. Created a campaign with a detailed structure and sufficient budget. Words from other campaigns for which conversions happened were regularly added here. The rest of the keywords stayed running in their campaigns with a minimal budget.

Looking ahead, this campaign alone generated 48 conversions in 15 weeks.

After the creation of the “conversion” campaign, things began to take off, but it was still not enough.

We decided to enable remarketing. The remarketing campaign generated 28 conversions over the specified period, and they were nearly half the price of conversions from a conversion keyword campaign.

Then we decided to test the Discovery campaign as it has proven itself well on other projects. In it, we created one group targeting people who entered certain keywords (they took conversion keywords), and a second group – users visiting sites similar to competitors’ sites (taken from the auction statistics report). And although the cost per click in this campaign was 0.69 UAH and there were 1.07 thousand clicks on it, it did not bring conversions. We decided to stop the experiment and test other campaigns for this budget.

The next step was to create a regular display campaign with the same audiences. Here impressions in mobile apps were excluded and successful creatives were selected. Conversions immediately went through it. During the campaign period (May 20 – June 21), they managed to get 18 conversions at a price of UAH 167.

Next, it was planned to test Smart KMS, but the client called and said that we were stopping work – the groups were recruited and the advertising was paused until the next introductory campaign.

Bottom line. With new campaigns, we managed to get 113 conversions (251%) more and reduce the cost of each conversion by 104 UAH (38.84%).

As a result, the groups filled up and we said goodbye to the client 2 weeks earlier than last year. We are looking forward to the next set.

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