SEO promotion of a medical equipment website

The case. Results of 15 months of systematic work with a small budget:

  • Increase search traffic by 11 times
  • Get to TOP3 – 55%, TOP10 – 83% of keywords from commercial pages
  • Find new points of growth for the project

What’s at the start?

Start of work 10.2018

The client is MEDICALASER, a national manufacturer of cosmetology and laser equipment.

Project – online store of laser equipment of its production

Task on the project:

Getting TOP in google Ukraine for priority 9 categories. Increase targeted traffic.

The main difficulties of the niche:

  1. Narrow niche with little traffic
  2. High cost of goods – long purchase cycle
  3. Google top consists of large, “wider” online stores selling various equipment for cosmetology, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, tanning salons
  4. On the competitors’ landing pages there is a large number of products of various brands, while we have only one brand on the site and there are quite a few products in some categories

Internal optimization

After a technical audit, we found and fixed a whole list of problems:

  • moved to https
  • set up redirects from duplicate pages
  • made correct URLs for all pages
  • closed pages with get-parameters (sorting, pagination, filtering, search, service pages) from Google indexing
  • added commercial factors
  • created headings for all types of pages (removed the cross-headings h2 and h3, replaced the product name from h2 to h1 in categories)
  • implemented microdata for bread crumbs and goods
  • improved the pagespeed of the site
  • added interlinking to the site
  • fixed broken pictures and links etc.

Also worked with Google My Business:

  • optimized descriptions, added photos
  • created a workflow for promotion

Semantic core and content

We have developed the semantic core for all equipment types for procedures and technologies for several months.


  • new structure
  • optimized meta tags (manual and template)
  • wrote / rewrote / expanded / optimized texts
  • improved the texts visualization of product descriptions (lists and headings were implemented using symbols, boldness, indentation)

Working with a blog

After 7 months from the beginning of the promotion, we started working with the blog. Analyzed existing articles, as a result:

  • collected semantic core for existing articles
  • rewrote, expanded articles that have traffic potential 
  • implemented meta tags
  • short and useless articles were deleted

Every month we wrote articles for the blog, and also boosted them with links.

External optimization

Before working with us (within 6 months), the client moved to another CRM and did not set up a 301 redirect for most of the pages. As a result, broken links appeared. We configured 301 redirects from such pages to the relevant pages on the new site.

We analyzed the existing inbound links in comparison with competitors and found the following shortcomings:

  • the site was partially promoted by low-quality links through the sape exchange (which began to disappear after leaving for another contractor)
  • very high percentage of anchor links compared to competitors
  • links were built only on 9 pages of the site
  • a very few links led to the main page of the site
  • a small number of links from Ukrainian sites

As a result, we developed a plan for the link mass formation, taking into account all previous disadvantages:

  • rejected bad links via Disavow
  • increased the percentage of links to the main page
  • on pages with a lot of anchor links – increased the% of non-anchor links
  • increased the number of pages that get links

What links did you build?

  • crowd links (forums, comments)
  • article links from trust Ukrainian sites (substantially media) using services and outreach (+/- 10 domains / month)

We made an accent on the quality of links, and not on their quantity.


For 15 months of our work on the project, search traffic has increased 11 times from 1.65 thousand users per month to 20 thousand

The number of keywords in the TOP for today:

  • for commercial pages it became top-3 55%, top-10 – 83%
  • for a blog top-3 – 47%, top-10 – 82%

We should emphasize that this good result was achieved not only by our work but also by fast and high-quality interaction with the client:

  • in addition to SEO, they used other channels – google and facebook advertising, offline market activities, which led to increasing in brand traffic
  • had good helpful product descriptions
  • technical fixes were implemented quite quickly
  • the client worked to improve his site

How do we see the development of the project in the future?

  • Implement the Ukrainian version of the site
  • Continue writing blog articles
  • Improve website usability (especially for mobile)

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