13 most popular PPC advertising questions

There are issues that represent a particular pain for the PPC department staff, both technical and project managers. In order not to see the suffering in their eyes every time, we decided to write an article with typical questions. And detailed answers to them.

– Why are my ads not showing now?

There may be several reasons:

  1. You may simply not get into the targeting settings of your own ad campaign by geolocation or display schedule.
  2. The ad campaign may have a daily budget limit and you simply “did not fall” within this limit.
  3. Also, if you have previously viewed ads from your IP address, but did not make transitions, the system will stop showing it to you, since it will consider that you are not interested in this ad.
  4. The advertising account ran out of money, and the advertisement simply stopped showing

In addition, it is not recommended to view your ads just for the sake of interest, as non-clickable views lead to a drop in CTR, which in turn leads to a lower quality score and an increase in cost per click.

If you want to see if your advertisements are shown and how they look, it is better to do this from inside the advertising office using this function.

– Why can’t I always be on the 1st place (always on the 3rd, above the “horns and hooves” firm)?

There are many different factors that influence a site’s location in one place or another. First of all, this is the size of the bet. The higher the bid per click, the higher the ad. Geolocation, the ad itself, and the landing page quality score play a secondary role. At the same time, the definition of a position is a dynamic indicator, it changes at every moment of time due to a combination of factors of your account and the account of competitors.

But being in 2-3 positions and below, you can get the same volume of high-quality traffic for less money, which is usually much more profitable for business. Therefore, for each company, we choose the optimal strategy – getting the optimal amount of traffic for less money, or being in the highest positions for more coverage.

– How long will it take to set up contextual advertising? Why so long?

A high-quality and effective advertising campaign cannot be set up according to the principle of “herak-herak and in production”. First, it requires a complete development of the semantic core, a thorough analysis of the business, writing relevant, attractive ads, working with analytics, fine-tuning the schedule and targeting.

The speed of customization depends on the volume and complexity of the advertising campaign. But in any case, we need enough time (usually 2-4 weeks, depending on the volume) to set it up, since we need to be confident in the quality of our work and in the effectiveness of advertising for our clients.

– What guarantees do you give? Why are there no sales guarantees?

Getting PPC traffic is only the first part of the sale. More than half of the success depends on the quality of the landing page, the attractiveness of the product (uniqueness, price, clarity), as well as the work of the sales department.

And therefore, even if we provide you with the highest quality and cheapest traffic, but visitors are not interested in the product itself or the site page does not cause a desire to buy, the user will not place an order.

In order to receive sales, you need to work comprehensively at all stages of the funnel, starting from acquisition, uploading retention and working on LTV (customer life value).

– Can you get some predictions?

Yes, at the stage of preparing a strategy, we can make predictions on the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, which will be based on the statistics of search engines, as well as on the experience of working with related niches.

At the same time, you need to understand that the forecast cannot take into account all business factors in advance, and therefore it is only a reference figure, which will be further adjusted based on the real data of your advertising.

Real intermediate data, which we receive at the beginning of work, will help to correct forecasts and, if necessary, change the strategy of work.

– Why are you advertising for competitors?

Because even if we do not advertise to your competitors, then someone else will conduct it, and this will not save you from competition.

In fact, the accumulated expertise in a specific niche gives a PPC specialist a more thorough understanding of the market, which he can apply already on your project. And of course, a competent specialist will not completely copy another advertising campaign, but will simply be based on the experience gained, which will be applied in your campaign.

At the same time, all financial and statistical data for each campaign are strictly confidential and not subject to disclosure.


– Will I have access to my ad account?

There will be. We work either directly with the client’s account, or transfer all access. In the future, you can either independently deal with your advertising office, or transfer it to another specialist.


– Why 2 months ago I had 100 sales, and now only 10?

A lot of different factors affect sales volumes. With the same advertising campaign, the results can be very different and this can happen for a number of reasons.

  1. Seasonality. Each niche has different seasonal fluctuations. Artificial Christmas trees sell well in November and December, but sales drop to almost zero in January. The bags are actively sold in spring and autumn. Products for the garden and garden – from early spring, office – in late August and early September.
    Experts know how to track and predict seasonal fluctuations, but clients should also know their seasonality and take it into account in business planning
  2. The site has changed. One of the typical stories – they removed buttons or text from the page, changed the design or even the URL of the site. A specialist cannot track every website 24/7, and it is extremely important for the client to keep his contractors informed of the changes, and it is better not just to confront the fact after the fact, but to agree on all planned edits in advance, since they can significantly affect the result, and on the process of work.
  3. The account was not credited. A banal but common reason. As a rule, we work with clients according to this scheme, when they replenish their personal account on their own. And despite the fact that we keep track of the remaining amounts on the account and always remind in advance of the need for timely replenishment – sometimes it happens that “oh, you forgot”, and then for some time advertising may not be shown, and the final result will be less.
  4. Poor processing of applications. A rude incompetent administrator can deprive you of 90% of orders. Don’t believe or doubt? In any case, it is worth installing call tracking on the site, which will allow you to track the exact number of requests from each traffic channel, and also allow you to see the statistics of missed calls, call duration, and most importantly, listen to their recordings. Believe me, you will be very surprised and guaranteed to understand what needs to be changed.
  5. Increased competitiveness in the niche. This factor alone is unlikely to provide a 10-fold drawdown in results, but nevertheless, changes in the market significantly affect the result. For example, when you started, you were alone in this market, but over time you have strong competitors, and now they “take” part of the customers. What to do – keep up with the times, develop and always be one step further than competitors.
  6. Decrease in trend. Trends are born and die, and what was popular yesterday will not be interesting tomorrow. A contextual advertising specialist can track changes in demand for certain niches, but unfortunately, only as a statement of fact – we cannot influence market demand.

– Can competitors withdraw money from the account?

Indeed, there is such a thing as “budget clicks” by competitors, but Google itself is struggling with this phenomenon. The tracking system calculates hits from a single IP address and returns funds if there were multiple hits.


– Why were you underspending / overspending on your click budget?

The budget may not be fully spent for several reasons:

  • at the beginning of an advertising campaign, while it is not working in full force
  • if the maximum rate for requests is understated
  • if, when working with advertising, you decide to concentrate on a narrower segment of queries

Budget overruns are most often due to the fact that google reserves the right to charge more funds for clicks on some days. In this case, on the following days, he spends less, and at the end of the month we still come to the established daily budget.

This feature of the work of google, if necessary, can be regulated through the connection of scripts, which will additionally limit the budget expenditure, and will not allow such point overruns.


– We launched an advertisement a couple of days ago. Why are there few clicks / requests / calls?

Unfortunately, a couple of days of work is still not enough to answer the question “why”. It is necessary to collect statistics for 2-3 weeks, or preferably a month, and draw conclusions based on it.

After 2 weeks of advertising, we look at the actual effectiveness of the advertising campaign, statistics of conversions, clicks and calls, and, if necessary, modify ineffective campaigns.

In some cases, if we are confident in the maximum quality of traffic, but sales are still not enough, we need to conduct audits of the conversion of landing pages and usability audits of the site in order to increase the% of conversions.

– Why 2 years ago the cost of a click was 5 UAH, and now it is already 7 UAH?

This tendency exists and will continue in the future. Competition in paid traffic is constantly growing, and along with its growth, so does the cost of traffic.


– I have a notification in my account “update payment details”, but everything is ok with my card. Why is that?

Such a notification appears if an automatic payment is configured on the account, but at the moment there is not enough funds to automatically withdraw money.


– How do I know that you are doing well?

“Good” is a subjective and relative concept. It can be tracked by such parameters as:

  • dynamics of key indicators (for example, if you yourself used to conduct the context, then we can track such indicators as CTR, the number and cost of clicks and leads in the format “was-now”)
  • quantity and quality of leads
  • what requests were the referrals to the site, how targeted they were
  • in addition, we provide a full report on the work done, so that you can see what actions we are doing to ensure this or that result, and that “no, not it itself”

In addition, according to the results of the work of each period, we conduct a call, at which we discuss the results and plan work for the next period.

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